Smartthings and harmony home hub

So like the title says I wanna know what cool things you can do with the harmony hub and ST . Also had a question , I was wondering when I press the pause button on the harmony remote , if their was anyway to make the lights dim on? I think this would be cool if your watching a movie and had to use the restroom or wanted make popcorn , you hit pause the lights turn on the movie pauses . Anyway of doing this? Also don’t forget to leave your other cool ideas.

Everything has to be done through " ACTIVITIES " which to be fair makes it a major pain in the arse, but you can do everything you’d like to or can imagine one way or another - its sounds mad but complex things are easier than the very very simplistic such as pause / play / mute etc

I ended up making mine simply turn on and off a tv as the rest was just easier with the harmony remote alone than complex activity swapping directed from within smartthings to harmony . . .


You would probably need to detail what you are controlling with pause stop play command. There are many ways to skin this cat. Here is an example for kodi. Kodi/XBMC light control - a (relatively) simple how-to

Ultimately I do program based calls to SmartThings as well as harmony hub activities to dim the lights. I have the Harmony hub simple remote and two of the top row activity buttons control my lights for different levels of lighting TV vs movie.

Wish I could just long press the pause button and it would turn on the lights and pause the movie.

I get it. Is it that hard to press two buttons. Oh and I do have this running as you want it, but it is only in Kodi.

@Ryan00 - did you ever figure this out? I really want the same thing. Harmony should support this by themselves, but development is pretty stale on their side.

Yes and no you can do it by making a activity but it’s a pain

@Ryan00 If you could explain your solution, I would most appreciate it. After much reading I started dabbling with a Harmony activity + SmartThings virtual switch, but I gave up - just couldn’t find a good example of exactly what I’m trying to do.