Do 3rd Party SmartThings Consultants Exist? Could Use Some Help

My wife and I are renovating a brownstone in NYC and are interested in seeing if there exist consultants who can assist us in determining how to ideally outfit our space with SmartThings-friendly devices.

We’re a little overwhelmed with the renovation and could use a little help in figuring out what we should be thinking about.

Thank you

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I private messaged you for further details.

If you’re overwhelmed your approach is probably to blame. Rather then look at the “big” picture look from “outside the box”. For example:

  1. Perimeter doors/access points to your home: Contact sensors or motion detectors

  2. Lighting control via: motion sensors /mode/or time.

  3. Alerts and response: push notifications, sms, siren.

  4. Home monitoring devices: cameras, thermostat, fire/smoke/CO2 detection, air quality

Look at each location of your home starting from the outside. Play the what if game and go from there. It’s not hard at all and if you do it yourself you have added bragging rights with all of your friends :slight_smile:

If I were in your position my primary concern would be the overall structure wiring. I did mine after buying. I still have an entire floor to do. The other HA (home automation) stuff is all basically plug and play or peel and stick.

Best wishes!

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