Any recommendations for Zigbee temperature sensor?

As title, wondering if there are any recommendations for stand alone Zigbee temperature/humidity sensors?

I would like something for the bedrooms to just monitor temperature and best I have seen so far is the Smartthings multipurpose sensor. I’d ideally like to avoid the user interface that these sensors have where they indicate state of open/closed as would not be mounted on door.



Phillips motion sensors are very good. I just have the one but it’s never missed a beat.

Aqara Temperature Humidity sensors. I now have 5 and they have been spot on. Very cheap too.

If you want super-cheap, the Visonic contact sensors include temperature, are reasonably small, and often go on sale for $10 at If you switch the device handler to “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” they will still operate locally but show temperature as the primary property. I haven’t done any testing / comparison to verify their measurement accuracy; others have suggested it’s not very good, but I only use them to turn ceiling fans on and off, so they’re good enough for me.

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Hi, Are you saying I can use the Smartthings Multipurpose sensors and just change the device type to “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” and this will make it show temp as primary info in the app?


I haven’t tried, but it would probably work the same way there as it does with the Visonic sensor.

Any particular device handler?

These are the ones that are currently under active development / support - if you have any issues ask on that thread, the folks involved are very responsive and helpful.