Any control over Samsung 2018 TV?

I just bought a new Samsung tv (Q8 2018 series) and was hoping i can automate a few things and throw the tv into the mix. But unfortunately i have no idea how to get this done.

Firstly Smartthings doesnt even find my tv. Probably because i have not yet had the option to merge to a Samsung account. Anyway this is what i read in other topics. On my old tv i played all media using my PC and viewed it on the tv. I downloaded some apps for vlc and kodi and got some control over them using Harmony. For example: When click pause on remote the lights go back on.

On my new tv which is smart i wanted to do it different. Play media using plex app on my tv, netflix on tv etc. Would there be any way to get some control over this using smartthings and/or Webcore? All suggestion are very welcome!

You will have to have a Samsung ID and you will have to be using the new “smartthings ( Samsung connect)” app for any compatible tv.

See the official supportbase article:

I do have a Samsung ID. I use this for my Tv and phone. But on Smartthings i use a Smartthings ID. Do i need to wait untill i get noticed about merging or can i simply download the new app? I ofcourse do not want to lose anything in my current account.

EDIT: I just tried the newSmartthings app which i already had installed. Here i do find the TV indeed and i get full control over it. However all my other stuff does not show under my Samsung account because my Smartthings account hasnt merged yet. Anything i can do about that?

You might contact SmartThings Support. Users are being slowly moved over & perhaps they would put you on the list sooner than later if you have need to control your Samsung TV…

I have done that yesterday. Hopefully they can do as you say.

So im a few steps further now. Smartthings support helped me to migrate to the new app. Everything got imported nicely, no problems so far.

The tv is now working together with the rest of the apps and with webcore aswell. In the app you get a screen with a lot of functionalities such as play/pause.
But when i make an automation or rather a piston in core i cannot find the play/pause option anymore. Is there any way to get control over this? What i want to do is pretty basic, so i guess im just missing something.

Goal: If pause is pressed on the remote, then turn the lights back on. Did anyone manage to make this work?