Any chance this reed sensor will work wired to the circuit board?

If this is the wrong place, just let me know and I’ll remove it.

I just picked up a couple of Xiaomi door/window sensors, and I was going to use one for my mailbox. Unfortunately, the metal mailbox is blocking the signal, which was always a concern.

I was wondering if there was any chance I could detach the reed switch from the circuit board and wire it back in? This would allow me to mount the rest of the circuit board outside the mailbox, with wires running inside for the reed sensor. I imagine the only issue would be if the length of the wire introduced enough resistance that it could no longer pick up the voltage on the other end? Also, any idea what the Ground and DI+ are for on the other side of the board?

Hoping someone with some more experience can provide advice.

Thre’re some contact sensors that have wired terminals for connection external reed switches. For example Ecolink. You could modify your sensor, obviously, if you’re comfortable with a soldering iron. A few extra inches of wiring should not do any harm. I’d suggest soldering an external read switch in parallel with the switch on the board,


I don’t see why not. I have done this with wink trippers and go control door/window sensors. I did this exact thing with a relay module for my smoke alarms to connect to wink system previously.

i’ve done it a number of times. works fine.