Any automation in armed mode turns on siren

Under old app, I would include siren in devices to turn on. Now it appears with new app that any automation in armed mode triggers my siren without specifying it in an action.
Someone gave me solution for turning the siren off, but this behavior doesn’t seem right. For instance, one might want an indoor siren to only trigger if marked armed away but not armed stay.
Am I missing something? Thanks

Can you post a screenshot of how it is set up in the app?

I don’t know how to capture a screen image of defining an automation, but what I’m talking about is real simple. e g. Create an automation that specifies IF a sensor goes on THEN turn on a light. No mention of a siren but a siren exists in the ST list of devices.
Set security to either armed away or armed stay and trip the sensor. In addition to the light going on the siren will turn on.

I should probably mention that under the old app I would set my location to Home, Away, etc. This is where my automations would include turning on the Siren only if marked Away. Now I guess I’m supposed to use the security settings of Armed verses Disarmed. Not sure how I can implement the “party” mode I had to suppress actions when sensors may be frequently triggered.