Arm with siren and arm without siren

I would like to be able to Set two versions of Arm Away. One would be to trigger the Siren when I am out of town and not able check the house. The other would be during a short trip away so that the Siren will not trigger, but I still get an email and push notification. The only difference between the two setting would be whether the siren is triggered. it seems that under security settings, I either have the siren or I don’t for all settings.

I believe you would have o make a separate state. One for armed with and one for armed without . Not put the siren in one. Depending on what siren you have, you could always set t to flash the strobe only and then change it to Alarm/Siren when you wanted to.

Thanks. How do I make a seperate state? Is that via add a SmartApp?

In your ST dashboard, you can set up & add new custom monitor.