Anti-Bounce for Smartsense open/closed sensors?

Im using an open/closed sensor for my garage door. I’m getting multiple notifications when the magnet slides past the reed switch. Is there a way to add some anti-bounce?

never heard of debouncing a reed switch before. I suppose it’s built-in to the burglar system devices.

I gotta think that repositioning the magnet or switch will resolve it for you.

Software fixes are cool but they are custom and a long-term hassle.

Also FYI using the SS multisensor on the garage door, with type “garage door sensor” is super-cool, and doesn’t even use the magnet.

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Yeah I could reset the magnet. I think it’s triggering the reed switch with both poles of the magnet. Bad luck on the distance. I could turn it 90 degrees. There’s an amount of space needed to ensure things never collide.

Thanks for the tip on the device type. I made the change and now I move the sensor to the door? Which panel - lowest for security from burglars or highest for earliest detection of vertical motion?

Bah. Moved the multi sensor, changes the device type in the API and it shows as OPEN always.

It detects tilt, so the higher you place in on a garage door, the sooner you will get an alert when the door starts to open. So higher is more secure, I believe. If it’s on the top panel, then any amount of open will be detected, even just a few inches.

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1… are you sure you have the “Multisensor” not “Open/Close sensor”?

it was not clear to me when I first mounted the SS Multisensor that

  1. the Multisensor must be oriented vertically on the moving door. Long ends when door is closed, the long ends point to ground and ceiling. Then the device type “SmartSense Garage Door Multi” will reflect actual door status by tilt.

I had the orientation wrong for a while and SmartThings cannot adapt and overcome (though it COULD if the device type had been a bit more clever).

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I actually have the PEQ sensor which enumerates as the multi sensor although not sure which.

Continuing the discussion from PEQ at Best Buy:

In the end I offset the magnet by 50% on the boy of the sensor and no no longer get three notifications per operation.

the PEQ series3? Open/Close (Contact) sensor does not know tilt. It may know temperature. So it cannot work as type “SmartSense Garage Door Multi” .

glad you got it going.

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For the long term, you should probably get a proper sensor for the right job.
The following are used for Garage Doors:

You will also get additional “states” such as Opening, Closing, vs only Opened or Closed.
I guess the only drawback to such, is $$$. However you can always re-purpose your existing sensor for something else.

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I scooped up a load of the PEQ sensors (motion, water, open/close) when BestBuy was punting them out in a sale.

One day I’ll automate the door itself a little more elegantly then the current solutions.

I’m using the ST open/close sensors as intended – above a regular entrance door and I too am getting bounce. Each time I close the door it results in two or three open/close events.