Another idea.. how about remote lawn watering?

I have been thinking about all kinds of ideas for this system and my new one is How could I automate the lawn watering? I saw this on kickstarter and it looks great. but I’d like to tie it into the SmartThings system. I know this is too early to determine, but are there any other ways people have done this? I dont have an underground spinkler system yet in this house, so im thinking more like a manifold with a few automated valves attached to strategically places hoses and lawn sprinklers.
Any ideas or thoughts appreciated. I’m loving the flexibility of this new SmartThings system I have!

Yes! Bluespray’s controller has an API, as well as Irrigation Caddy.

Yeah, I am currently building my own based on the Spark Core ( and a custom PCB for driving the widely available solenoid valves. The valves are scheduled and controlled through SmartThings. I am happy to give more details at some point in the future. I am still a few weeks away from completion.

here are a few more options I found.

Out of my scope, but this may help someone more technically inclined to design a system?

one project that i am looking at is automating outdoor misters in our pergola. (kinda along the same lines) what i am looking at is using an outdoor control module attached to a washing machine solenoid valve. essentially making it simple by just putting it inline with a water hose and enclosing in an outdoor enclosure. I haven’t found a valve with 3/4 inch threads for a hose and 120vac trigger but it may be as simple as lowes or home depot and just looking at the valve itself. hope this helps

There already exist Z-wave valves… so it would be possible to use those. Fortress makes them I think.