Sprinkler/Drip system Controller

I’m in the US. I have to replace my current irrigation controller and am looking for recommendations for a smart sprinkler/drip system controller.

I need to be able to pause/delay/stop the sprinkler before and during backyard events. Other than that I plan to have the timers set and let them do their thing.


@Terri_Baker, it is not SmartThings compatible but seems to be a nice solution and dirt cheap.

This has 8 zones, but you haven’t described how many zones do you have.

For SmartThings compatible sprinkler there are not so many options.

@johnconstantelo has one which is SmartThings compatible, as I can remember. Maybe @Automated_House can advise some others as well, as he knows well the brands.

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What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :sunglasses:

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Yup, so do @GSzabados . I use the Spruce gen 2 controller, which uses Smartapp/DTH integration to their cloud. They’ve just updated the SmartApp for their gen 1 controller to work with the new app/platform, and are now working on their gen 2 stuff.

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Sorry. I’m in the US. I updated original post

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Does the spruce have the function I am looking for?

I’m assuming this?

What do you mean by events? Something triggered or triggering SmartThings to then pause/delay/stop the sprinkler?

If so, yes, BUT it’s using their old SmartApp and DTH’s (a zone is a device in ST) that hasn’t been redone for the new app. Their SmartApp can be told to watch a device for activity and pause sprinkling, like a door opening.

Spruce’s web site would be a good source to check out.

Events as in parties, etc. I just need to be able to stop the sprinklers from going off if we’re in the yard.

I skipped this question, as the user’s profile says Arizona. :wink:

Ah, cool. Yup you can do that through their mobile app, and if you know in advance when a certain event is happening, you can pause the entire schedule. You could also do that with their legacy smartapps and devices in the ST app.

Rachio also integrates with ST:

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