Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform

This is fixed now.


For both situations?

so they going to stop making the multi sensors and power outlets etc? If so that’s crap.

Because there’s very little profit in that path.

Especially when compared to selling $4,000 refrigerators and $8,000 televisions. :wink:

They don’t want to be in the business of providing tech-support for the kind of product you’re describing. (If if they did, there would be a lot more employees assigned to working in this forum. Just sayin’…)


Since I run 99.5% of my home local I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

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The typical ‘let’s just leave this here…’ tactic from Samsung.

Vague and unhelpful details given that provide no answers to pretty much all the questions and concerns I had when they made the last big announcement.

Have they not learnt? Guess not…


Is there a list of which smart apps that are being shutdown?

What new features?

Will anything replace the IDE? You had a dashboard beta going before - what’s the status of that?


Well…from the sounds of it, no Groovy device handlers are going to work at all, once phase 3 is implemented.


If that is the case this will completely break smartthings for many users on this forum including myself, so I hope they walk this back due to user outcry.

If support for groovy dths is removed st is effectively dead to me. Half my devices will stop working.

They better keep legacy support for existing users or I’m out. **** samsung.


I understand the reason for change. I don’t understand the lack of documentation to follow the new change. Really disappointed.


Standard SmartThings DTHs run Groovy, so I doubt they’re going to retire Groovy DTH until they at least migrate their own. They need to migrate apps like Smart Lighting too.


This announcement kind of puts me in a holding pattern. I was going to add to new devices to my system but now I don’t want to spend the money for them in cases they are going to not work anymore, because they may not run locally.

I already invested a lot of money in Keen Vents that seem to only run in the cloud. And do not want to get burned with anymore items that may not work.

I wish there was more details and a time table.

I kinda had a feeling smartthings was phasing out products since some smartthings brand items are no longer available for sale.


You can write in groovy or any language for that matter for the smartthings c2c integration. What this seems to mean is we must self host every dth. Which is a massive pain and I don’t think they should force existing users to implement their own c2c solutions


What is smart thing doing about their “work around solution” of just creating virtual switches/alexa switches to make certain things trigger for automations. Those are all in the cloud.


Here’s another question I’ve got - how do smart apps get update now? GitHub integration is going away so how updates get pushed?

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Don’t you dare take our classic app away and make us use the good for nothing piece of shit new app. Whoever designed and rolled that out should be fired along with those who approved it. What’s next Wink Wink?


If you want to run custom Apps, you’re most likely going to have to host them on your own hardware. The way I read the announcement is that SmartThings will no longer be hosting custom code on their cloud infrastructure. Once the Classic IDE is shut down, anything custom you want to run will need to be hosted elsewhere.

Now, I could be mistaken. If someone has more information, would love to hear more details.


I dunno this whole thing reads as a giant **** you to the community that built this platform for the past ten years and if they don’t walk back some of these changes we should revolt.


I enjoy very much being a smartthings user & being a member of this community but if things get screwed up & so far this road to the NEW smartthings has been bumpy, there are always other options. Amazon is watching closely. I hope this.doesnt get screwed up but my faith is samsung has gone down, not up. Time will tell.

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As a developer yourself what do you plan on doing? I mean the community smart apps are what make SmartThings what it is and to take all that away seeks beyond counter productive.

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