Nov.1 Android Update

Technically it may have been an Oct. 31 update… a little treat for us Android users…

What’s new?

  • Flat buttons: Before the shading made the buttons appear a little three dimensional. How it’s a just a flat solid color. I prefer the 3D look myself, but that’s a minor thing.

  • Ring-around-the-button… Now buttons that you can “push” have the a ring around them. Or, really I should say that buttons that you can’t push don’t have the ring around them anymore. This is a nice thing cause it lets you know just by looking whether you can expect something to happen when you tap the tile.

  • Customize your tile display… devices that have more than one display tile (like the Multi) now let you select which of the display tiles is shown on the main screen. Tap the ring on the top right of the display tiles to select the one you want.

  • Vertical sliders are MUCH easier to use.

Anyone else find anything new yet?

I tried to change the mobile presence picture but I think it defaults to ‘landscape’ and I cannot rotate the pic. Thinking maybe it was just my picture that’s not oriented properly, I took another selfie and it’s still in landscape lol.

Oh and I did prefer the 3Dish look of the tile before also. My guess is the new version of Android is influencing the look of graphics.

I really don’t see progress.
I still have trouble double tapping the multi - although the gear seems to open it up.
Devices still do not have descriptions displayed.
No fix for the multi temperature.

Ya know I am getting a little PO’ed at this point.
I am not going to burn a bunch of cycles on stuff that is half cooked and documented.
my2cents - The SmartPeople have already ebayed their kits.

I never heard of double tapping to open a tile. I thought you always had to hit the gear.

Device descriptions can be displayed now… though you have to do the shake thing, which is kinda dumb. However, between arranging the icons into a set pattern, using groups, and changing icons I can use it pretty easily without confusion.

my2cents – The SmartPeople have already ebayed their kits.

Guess I’m one of the dumb ones then cause I love my SmartThings. Oh, don’t get me wrong… there are still things I’m not thrilled with, but over all I’m pretty happy with it. I use it for many things daily and it mostly works.