Android/iOS app enhancement request

What I am really missing from the app (on either mobile OS) is a short simple text label assigned to each “thing” in the overview screen. This would appear to be a very simple change, but immensely helpful. Currently I e.g. just see 4 multi sensors, in various states. I have to touch each one to find out which one they are. Alternatively, you could allow a picture, as you do for the presence sensor.

Could you please consider releasing this enhancement is the relative near future? That would be much appreciated.


You’d think it’d be simple…its been requested since day one. They seem to be set on some yet unrevealed alternate solution.

@bstern Hi Bo, if you’re an iOS user, you can see this information briefly by shaking your device. Unfortunately, you can not yet do this for Android. There are some UI changes coming that should make the information a lot easier to digest. Stay tuned, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks Emily. Nice, I confirmed the described behavior on iOS (company phone), but looking forward to the Android update as that is my primary (personal) phone (Nexus4).

Interesting. I’m down even for just a shake on Android. Sure beats having to poke the small gear to bring up the Thing properties.

Thanks Rey, sounds like we’re aligned on that enhancement request :slight_smile:

I hear you! Just working on getting it prioritized with all the other things we’re cooking up over here. :slight_smile:

I agree that this should have been included in the beginning. It seems that ST is more concerned about a pretty UI than a functional UI.

And I didn’t know about shaking the device (iOS anyway) to see the names…now why wouldn’t they have told us that??? That would have been very useful to know!!!

I’d like to know if we are ever going to get landscape support for Android tablets. I plan on mounting a tablet on my wall but can’t until this feature is added.

+1 on above comment. As I add more devices to my HA, I am finding a huge need for android tablet support!.

Also would be interested in landscape support. I’m shopping for a cheap tablet and mounting it on the wall. I found a tablet mount with good reviews already and I don’t even have a tablet yet :wink: