Android device as presence help!

I set up my wife’s phone as a presence, and added some routines to luck and lock the door. Nothing out of the ordinary, but last night at around 1am the door unlocked by itself, and then locked again. The same thing happened at around 3 am. and the notifications shows that the device left and got back in the house a minute later, but my wife is in bed sleeping?!?!

Any idea why that will be?

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She’s cheating on you!! Seriously though any idea of the phone is disconnecting from your wifi? Is locations settings turned on? Does the phone go into sleep or stop processes running in the background? I have always have issues with folks on Android devices on my 2nd hub. Most of the issues was the location being turned off or disconnecting from the wifi.

Also regardless of what others have done here, I would never have my system set up lock and unlock my door.

May I ask why?

It may be a background setting that I haven’t looked into yet

For exactly the reason you are here troubleshooting. Presence is not 100% reliable and you are putting yourself and/or property at risk allowing something that doesn’t always work right to control the security of your home.

Try some of the things suggested here:

You actually already answered that with your problem. If the phone thinks you arrive after the door has been locked, it’s no longer locked. If you are away from your house, but it thinks you arrived, your house is unlocked and you are not there. Bare minimum, I would set up a notification to let you know when it’s unlocked as a separate notification. Sure you are going to get extra texts or push notifications, but it’s better than not knowing your house is unlocked by accident while you are away.

Hi Diego - I had issues like this when I first set up ST a few months back. My wife had no issues with her iphone 6, but my GS6 was a nightmare. I was at work and I would randomly be seen as arriving at my house. I’m not quite sure what was causing that (other than my phone doesn’t get good GPS signal in my office).

I ended up switching to life360 as a presence sensor. It has an integrated app that ties into smartthings. I also downloaded an app called GPS Status that keeps gps in the background. It drains my battery about 10-15% faster than usual, but the combination has been way better for me.

I would also suggest that you create an exception to your lock/unlock automation to not fire when you guys are home sleeping. I have a night mode set up as an exception to mine and it allows me to sleep much better at night :sleeping:

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