Android app widget fails, and enhancements

I finally left iOS and purchased the Google Pixel phone, and am getting used used to SmartThings on Android. One thing is the Android widget leaves more to be desired. Half the time it says it can’t connect and to press the refresh button… What refresh button? It would also be nice to have the ability to have a 1x1 widget for the 1 routine I want to run. instead of having a 3x3 containing the full list.

Also, the iOS app is nice in that you can swipe down from the top to refresh a device, or a list status. Android doesnt have that, so I’m not sure if my screen is stale or not (if phone is left open after a while). Is there a setting to enable the drag down to refresh? I know this isn’t just an IOS thing; the native GMail app has drag down to refresh :wink:

Anyways, the app itself seems fine, just looking for some minor enhancements, and maybe a bug fix on the widget failing.


There used to be a refresh button on the bottom of the widget, but I have noticed that it’s gone for the last couple of weeks. I can still press in the bottom middle of the widget and it will refresh.

The widget also used to pop up a little confirmation on the bottom of the screen when an action has been performed and I noticed that is gone too…