Multiple phones, same account, not impact presence?


I have two phones I use. One is my daily driver which I carry and use for presence. The other I use around the house so never leaves. I would like to have ST on both but only my daily driver as presence. Is there a way for me to sign with the same account and only have one act as presence or do I need to create separate accounts?

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Oh yes deffinetly. All you do is download app and sign in. You have to add new devices, they wontn auto create a presence.

(Jason) #3

I have multiple tablets around the house I use for control panels. I created user accounts for each one and did not load the presence. Another note, If you have contacts enabled in ST which most people do not, you can simply select what notifications go to each device. Below is how I enabled contacts, it is a very nice and useful feature.

AndyRawsonCommunity MasterMar '16 jdetmold
You can try the other way to enable it but this is of course not an officially supported way to do it.

While logged into the ide go to then click on your account
Now in your browser address bar replace
And then enter to go to this new address.
Click the import users button and you should have contact book enabled now.

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That is correct, but as I have experienced and now been told by support.
Multiple phones with cellular (or ipad with sim) can and in my case will give issues with presence.
My iphone that was not set up as a presence unit stopped my android from updating.
Solution: Use a separate account on the second phone.
Hopefully Smartthings will update the FAQ on this.


See any reason I couldn’t use the same non presence account on multiple devices? It occurred to me I can have my main account with presence then make a second without presence and log of it into multiple devices.

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Non presence is not an issues at all.
Just presence thats beeing affected if you use the same e-mail adr.

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I have st on my android and my iPhone. Both signed in with the primary accounts info. The Android is the only one with presence and I have no problem at all. I leave the iPhone at home when I’m not working but the android is always with me.


Thanks for all the info. Will plan to do a second account without presence.

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Exactly the same I have had.
And when my trobule started I was not able to get the android to update no matter what I tried.
So when support pointed me to that direction, and i logged out the iphone, the android got active in seconds.
If we could get some debug info about this in the IDE it would help matters :slight_smile: