Android App and new smarrthings IDE ( are showing different things

In the new IDE I can see my devices have been migrated. They show drivers and are working correctly. When I go to the smarrthings app, supposedly migrated devices will show Driver in the pulldown. Some do, some dont. It appears there is some difference in the way the new IDE is figuring out what a device is versus what the android app is doing.

Try clearing the app cache

Some forum members have reported that changes made in the web interface appear to get queued up and not necessarily applied Immediately, while changes made through the mobile app happen much quicker.

This means that the web interface may show a change which hasn’t actually been applied yet, so it’s not showing in the mobile app.

I don’t know anymore about it other than that’s what people have reported. :thinking:

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p.s. I assume by “new IDE” you are referring to the new web interface at

I know a few people have been calling that the new IDE, but that’s not what smartthings calls it and it’s not an IDE (integrated development environment). So it’s better to refer to it as the “web app” or “web interface” or “Web UI.”

If that’s not what you were referring to, let us know.

Yes I was referring the Web App. Net these were migrated recently (I think that wrapped up the 17th, I hadn’t checked to know if that’s accurate or not). They show a driver in the web app, but dont have a driver is the Andoid App. If its a backup thats like a 10 day backup, so that would seem strange.

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cleared cache and rebooted, no difference, still only shows Edit and Information under the 3 dots.

Hi, @B_F_T
Do those devices that don’t show the “Driver menu” in the mobile app have a type in the Advanced Users app of “EDGE_CHILD”?
If so, I’ve seen child devices won’t show that menu in the app, or, it can happen as well if you’re not the location owner (this means, the user who created it).

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Some times you have to back out of the menu (3 dots) and go back in to see driver listed.

Also keep in mind that WiFi items connected through official c2c integrations don’t have drivers.

EDIT: Child devices are another device type that does not have a driver to display in the Mobile App.


Also worth pointing out: cloud to cloud integrations would display VIPER as Type in the advance app and would not be using an Edge driver and therefore would not display Driver in the ST app.


It really needs a better name than “Advanced Web App” or we should just start abbreviating it AWA :slight_smile:


The ones I am seeing this on were simulated switches that got moved to a Virtual swtich. They show correctly in the web app but no driver option in the Android App

Virtual Switches created by ST are cloud devices and don’t have drivers.


In which part of the description in the Advanced Users app you saw a reference to a Driver?
You might have confused the fields that appear there. See the difference of a virtual device (this is one that was also migrated):

It doesn’t have any property that indicates the driver in use, the one of device profile it’s only the name of the profile where the device’s metadata is (capabilities, presentation, etc.)

A device using a driver will show the property called “driver” as shown below and will allow you to change the driver that controls a device.

Remember LAN drivers don’t fully support this change since it can erase some important data collected during the discovery.


What you are looking at there is a locally executing VIRTUAL switch. Locally executing switches are powered by an Edge driver, as is shown there. I suspect you shouldn’t be seeing the option to change the driver there, but maybe the developers overlooked that VIRTUAL devices can include a driverId, not just LAN, ZIGBEE and ZWAVE. I can’t imagine what attempting to change the driver would do but I hope it would fail, otherwise what you have left could be an awful mess.

Had I commented yesterday I would have stated that locally executing VIRTUAL devices were showing the Driver option in the mobile app for me. Today they most definitely aren’t. That’s probably the safer option if it isn’t displayed in a read-only fashion.

What I find slightly concerning is your comment about ‘simulated switches that got moved to a Virtual swtich’. I am hoping that was just talking generically. If you were specifically talking about the ‘Simulated Switch’ driver it would be bad on two levels. Firstly the Simulated Switch only worked in the cloud so any migration ought to be to the cloud (this might not be an issue but can be), and more seriously the Simulated Switch only propagated changes of state (off, on, off, on …) whereas the Virtual Switch propagated all changes (off, off, on, on, on, off …) and the default local and cloud replacement VIRTUAL switches do the same. That was the thing that caused problems in some widely used Routines some time ago.

Ok that makes sense but agree driver should not be changeable. These were simulated switches originally (when Groove was around). After the Groove shutdown, this is what they got changed to. Does that help on your concern. In general, the statement was when something got migrated, driver would show in the Android app, but that appears to no be true for these, and thus my original question.

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