Android App - February 2023

It is probably worth noting a couple of changes made with the recent update to

  • The ‘Discover’ page with the Routine templates and the SmartApps that used to be reached using Automations > + > Create routine > Discover is now reached by a compass icon on the Automations page. That seems like an improvement.
  • Routines now have an option to test the actions section (up to a point).

I note that I can see the names of my Scenes in the app now. They used to be truncated so they all looked the same. However that could have happened months ago and I may even have noticed at the time and just forgot. Regardless of that I want to make sure I had acknowledged that something I was critical of has been remedied.


I only noticed there was more self advertising in the explore section !

The app must be perfect in some corporate board meeting somewhere

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