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Thank you @vlad. Any chance this has affected virtual switches, as none is working since yesterday.

@vlad I’m seeing lots of reports of what appears to be loops involving virtual switches. If the Virtual Switch device handler is being used that would mean isStateChange: true is in use when sending events.

I believe in the new API there is a state change filter that can be applied on the subscription end. Is it possible that in mapping Automations onto the Rules API that filter setting has flipped? Or something like that?

A lot of users use Automations and virtual switches to map the STHM status and they do so in a way that actually relies on ST preventing potential infinite loops. However unwise it used to work and now it is looking a bit iffy.

Update: Switching to Simulated Switch which doesn’t have isStateChange: true seems to help at least one user in another thread, but in general loses local execution.


@vlad I’m still missing some of my scenes. Are there still known issues that are being looked into?

@vlad I think I have same issue with virtual switches as recommended by action tiles to mimic the old SHM status and the only thing I can do it turning off the automation for the 6 virtual switches and wait for one day it is back to normal again, it is very disappointing to say the least

My virtual switches just started working again

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I sent you a DM with a screenshot of the Scenes selected, but I think all Scenes are not displayed in the Android Auto screen.
Otherwise the selected Scene to run when leaving or arriving brings me to the same SmartThings Android Auto screen as well and doesn’t run at all.

I thought I heard some good news but after turning those automation on again a few hours later the virtual switches and SHM acting up again and even cause my phone to soft reboot, it is a Samsung phone after all

I Have heaps of scenes missing still. Any advice/updates. Has the root issue been resolved and this is just me?

Scenes still show up in google fine

To further add to list of issues in this particular update , every time i open the app after switching networks (cell to wifi or vise versa) I’m greeted with “checking status” on half my devices forcing me to close and reopen the app before everything reports correctly . Is the app even being tested before being published to the app stores?

Yes, by us… their entire customer base is their beta testing community.


sad but very true

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Hi Vlad,

I am in Australia and have been run through some hoops with this issue. I have emailed the smartthings support and they have fobbed me off to Australia Samsung for help, although it does not seem Australia has Smartthings app support…

This is a rather frustrating issue with multiple scenes now gone. Any chance for some help?

still missing… as are automations

correction: fixed after closing and re-opening the app a few times (iOS)

Another major issue with this update concerning animations explained here…

There is now a thread for the latest update (Release dates show to me as Play Store 25th, Galaxy Store 28th).

Hi @vlad, just wondering if you have any information on guest account not able to access scene issue? Now I need to create a virtual switch for my goodnight scene as a workaround for my wife’s iphone

I didn’t have any kind of issue with this android app! There are several android problems one can have. Apps can crash for all sorts of reasons, and most of the time Murphy’s laws get in place in the sense that there is one trouble after another, and there is basically nothing you can do to stop it. If there is an update available for either the app or your phone, I would suggest you install it. Usually, I get some useful Android apps from a place I found while searching for the best apps available on the market.

Yet. Be patient, it will come .


Did you ever get an answer to this problem? I am having the same issue.