Android 2.1.5 - Release Notes

Not sure what this was supposed to fix but is it related to missing icons? Wasn’t there a wall light switch icon before?

Thanks for the update! Still have a severe issue with the Family -> SmartApps -> “Notify Me When” event. Every few days I stop getting text alerts of when my daughter arrives home (her phone is in-range of the hub). To correct it, I found that I have to go to ‘her’ phone (not mine or reset any device) and open the event and simply click “Done”. Somehow this re-saves/updates the event on Smarthings servers and the notification starts working again. If I do this on my phone alone it doesn’t seem to resolve it.

Very much dislike that I have to keep doing this. Hope someone is able to take a look into this and confirm it happens to others. Also hoping that the mobile app gets updated to change user privileges so family members aren’t able to see/change settings in the first place.

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Tablet text and graphics a mess with overlays and missing…

So far this is much better, thank you.

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Is there EVER going to be a return of rearranging/reordering devices in Things section and not just Rooms? It just seems like such a half baked app with such glaring inconsistencies. But I understand being under resourced so if I had to place my vote I would keep the resources at adding entry/exit delays on SHM as a priority.

ST is adding exit/entry delays to SHM yes?

And you also broke HREF in dynamic pages once again. Can’t seem to understand why it’s so hard for the team to make a list of test cases based on stuff they broke in the past, this is regression (at it’s worst!).

@kleneau - comments please


How about fixing multiline text on valueTiles?

this is Android 2.14 just updated, status tells me that as of today, June 2, that 2.15 is not available

All lowercase turns to upper case, and I cannot create a multiline text using \n or \r



I noticed with this build that the app now only opens to the Dashboard; the previous build would remember the last screen you were on and open to it ( i.e. My Home ) on next launch.

Much prefer the previous behavior.

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More continued regression…

Just tried this now and it is opening to the last opened section for me. Any details you can give to help me reproduce this would help us track it down.

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I have a Nexus 6p on the latest android version (6.0.1 may security release) and I have never noticed this feature at all. I always see the SHM dashboard instead of going to My Home which I use constantly. Just now I opened the app went to “My Home” hit the home button, relaunch the app and I am back to the dashboard. Same thing happens if I hit the back button to close the app.

This appears to be a data corruption issue. After a closer look, the only screen not being remembered is “my home”. Clearing the mobile app cache did not change the behavior, but clearing the app data and logging in again did.

Nexus 6P/Android 6.0.1 build MTC19T

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Good to know. I’ll report it none the less. Thanks for the update.

Nexus 6p here as well.

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It didn’t take long for this behavior to resurrect itself, and since others are seeing it as well, I’m guessing you’re munging the data that is saved somewhere.

Had our engineering team look into this. Using the previous example you provided us we aren’t seeing an issue. Please submit a support ticket with details.


Thanks for looking into this, I’m updating the same on the page. The only difference between the previous sample and the new one is that the for loop is inside the section where as in the previous examples it outside.

How long has the contract screen been nearly unreadable?

This feature isn’t fully released yet. Some people have it because we released it, found a bug, and then pulled it. Since this isn’t a feature we support widely it can have bugs.

There is also some visual functions broken.

  • Input state: "complete’ is ignored for all inputs. Everything is gray
  • The smart app ‘Remove’ button is no longer a red box. Instead it’s just floating tiny blue text

I also can’t install nest manager from the android client it won’t populate the primary location enum, but can from iOS.

This is such a P.I.A. i’m not sure how things like this go out. Do they not perform any testing?