Android 2.1.0 - Release Notes - Commentary

Seriously, Material Design, look it up. Also why are the Smart Apps hidden in the wrong side menu.


I love it when the brand new updated app crashes the very first time I go into the smart apps!


Mine gave me the unexpected error the first time I launched it after the update. Since then it’s been OK

I also don’t like the SmartApps being buried

The location page/map still takes like 60 seconds to load at times and you can’t change the pin location, nothing saves on that page


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This change (and any future similar ones) are particularly troublesome to Developers who publish or intend-to-publish, because it causes screenshots and/or screen video based instructions for novice-to-intermediate SmartThings users to be no longer valid.

I haven’t made any videos for installation / configuration of SmartTiles because the SmartThings App has tended towards such changes. I have posted and emailed several times a description of “how to find the SmartTiles (Connect) SmartApp under the My Home page” … and now those instructions are unilaterally deprecated. :confounded:

How does @Jim deal with this?

But it is reasonable for the App to evolve, so I’ll make my usual request, please:

  • @slagle, @jody.albritton: Can Developers please be given heads-up Release Notes in advance of new App (and Platform) deployments? Even better, can we be given advance access to the test region for these releases so that we can pre-test our SmartApp(s) and update our documentation screenshots and videos? Thanks!

Arghh, I take it back - it still (intermittently) freezes and fails to scroll!!

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I do want to say Thank You for finally fixing that annoying thing… of closing something and defaulting to the top of the list…

Lol, that is pretty annoying when every other android app slides in from left.

Have also noticed that the arrival date for presence Sensors is in US format even though I am in UK with an android device setup for UK date formats!


I wish they’d fix the non-graphical status of sensors and related items, some have standard icons, others with words that can barley be read… Why does every device not have a graphical status that can be seen at a glance?

They have icons on the individual device page, but none show up on the room/things page?

What part of those screenshots do you think is broken?

The garage door shows as a green circle because it is button you can press to invoke an action. Whereas the ones that only have words are simply a value.

The icons on the left hand side you see are also related to the icon associated with the main value in the tile. So an open/close sensor icon is often changed when the status changes.

So what you end up on those screens is directly related to the Device Handler implementation and further dependent on what icon you have chosen (in the case of a Tile that lets you change its main icon).

Before the past few app updates, the mailbox status on the room/things page showed the status icon that is on the device page, a nice large graphical status that can be seen from a distance/glance (same as teh motion devices, but the were in blue vs green and amber), vs some faint lettering that is barley viewable on a phone or small device.

No reason the icons on the left side couldn’t be doubled in size, they used to be a normal size, over the past few updates everything has been shrunk down. If I boost up the font size then I get letters chopped off.

Many other platforms have a much more appealing interface. Especially the SHM page, should be to see the status of my home at a glance, but instead I have to look at some massive green icon eating up half the screen, to only have to scroll to see the status of each item, need to balance it up to not have to scroll. I don’t need 1/3 of the screen eaten up to tell me what section or room it is.

SHM should have a battery status section that displays the status of every devices batteries level, shouldn’t have to work thru each device page to check or run an independent app. SmartTiles does a pretty good job at it, would be great it it was integrated into SHM…


SHM on Hub V2 still does not reset triggered lights (check option no longer listed in app setup screen) after an all clear signal, V1 does it.

Also, SHM on V2 don’t trigger any lights/alarms during a test of a smoke detector, used to be nice to simulate a test and see everything that would happen (lights/locks/push messages/texts) and then see everything reset when test was completed.

It’ll take some time getting used to, but the updates look great and the Things page isn’t stalling for me.

Thank you Smartthings… I really like the update… It also seems a lot faster than previous.

The one think that bugged be is the header on home screen. It was a waste is real estate.

No stalling so far on things page.

I personally like the new location of SmartApps. When opening the app you used to have to press MyHome, then SmartApps, now you press the menu, SmartApps, so it’s not any more buried then before.

Also, while I would love to see the Android app following all of Google’s design guidelines, I can see why they don’t. They want the app to be the same across platforms, so families with multi-platform devices don’t have completely different experiences and interfaces. It’s impossible to create an app that follows both Apple and Google design guidelines… Let alone Windows.

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I really like the way things are going. The new location of the smart apps and notifications makes sense to me. You can access both from any screen. I wasn’t much annoyed by the wasted space on the home page as I was by the absence of a main dashboard to show the true status of all things, not only sensors, the sluggishness of the app, the quirkiness of returning to the top of the page after a selection was made, the broken submitOnChange feature. While some of these have been fixed, there is a lot of work to be done in future updates, but overall, NICE WORK!

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I was hoping to see temp & humidity triggers in this update :frowning:

Will the Dashboard ever come back?


Thank you for this improvement. I am very glad that horrendous scope view of the house is finally gone and I can use the full screen to see my things. Here it is for more improvements!

Ha just seen this on a train car. I think they forgot the the thumbs :confused:

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