Andersen Windows Connect (Verilock Translator)

I’d love to help you but I won’t have any time this weekend or next week.

Basically you need to build a device handler that will generate child devices. I’ve not done that before, but it sounds like @erocm1231 has…

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Thanks for getting me this far. It is encouraging that I might have a shot at this!

Gonna hold off on that wink purchase for a while!!

@erocm1231, Do you have any sample code that I could review?

I’ve created something that should work. This is kind of a unique device so I am still trying to think things through. For example, I created child devices for the contact sensor and the lock status so that you could see both from the parent. Not sure if this would be better suited as a single device (and only see one of the status’ from the parent).

You need to install all of these:

Verilock Translator
Contact Child Device
Lock Child Device

After assigning the device, the child nodes are created when an event comes in. So, open the window and a child device for that window should be created.


You are Awesome!!!

I have some more testing to do, but it looks really good!
The new devices were created just like you said automatically!

Everything seems to be reporting correctly.

Do you have a place I can send you a thank you? Paypal?


So Inside the translator device I cant rename the devices…currently they all say window 3. Not sure if there is a way to fix that. But I can change the name of the child devices that are created separately in the Smartthings App. So that is nice.

Each sensor has 2 different devices that show in the app…1 for open/close, and another for Lock/Unlock. I am ok with that. Probably makes it easier to handle using them in things like core and stringify.

Hmmm, that is definitely a bug.They should show up as Window 1, Window 2, Window 3, etc. I’ll take a look. I’ll tidy things up a little bit on it as well.

I’ve posted an update to the device handler. I made the main tile show closed if all windows are closed and locked if all windows are locked. Made it so the child devices get renamed if you rename the parent (only if the child devices have not been specifically renamed), and also fixed a couple bugs. I have merged the two child devices into one that will show the lock state and the window state if you go into the child device. Shouldn’t have any problems using the single child devices in SmartApps for both lock & contact capability. This is cleaner, but you can’t see the child lock state from the parent (just open/closed). The device handler is the same github link, but the child is different:

Verilock Translator
Lockable Door/Window Child Device

Is the translator battery powered? Also, I am wondering if battery reports are getting sent for the windows. Do you see anything in the log to indicate this? You might have to leave the log open for several hours.


Sorry for the delay in my response, especially after you did so much work for me.

My 7 year old son snapped his arm in half at summer camp and we have been in the hospital quite a bit, and I havent gotten to play.

I did just switch over the code…Seemed to take a bit but then everything started working great.

I am not getting a battery reading as of now.

Again, thanks so much…
Oh, and I had a couple of responses that I deleted before I realized my own error. If you got those as notifications, Im sorry.

So everything working great with these? We are looking to replace some windows in our living room and we already have Andersen in the kitchen so this would be great if it works solid. Also be interesting to see how the battery is transmitted. Is there a way to force a wake up and transmit? If so wouldn’t the entire current status come over on that?

So far so good!!

I have the translator and sensor but haven’t set them up. I got the translator from ebay, and haven’t seen any instructions on how to add sensors to it. do you mind sharing how you did that?

You may have convinced me on my next windows. Which series Andersen windows did you get them on? Did you get any with any sliding doors? I am going to skip the open/close sensors if I can get everything possible built into the locks.

I’ve added the Verilock Translator device handler, as well as the ONE child handler. Is that all I need to add? I’ve publishes them but not seeing them under My Apps for some reason.

This works great, are there any tweeks that we can do to make it show up properly in the smartlocks app, it currently shows as unknown.

I’ve added these custom scripts. However, should the Andersen Transltor ZWavw device automatically pair at a minimum? It’s not even pairing to start.

Any updates on this issue? I have a whole house full of Andersen 200 series windows and I was thinking about (slowly) replacing the locks with the Verilock system. Reading through posts it looks like you’ve had some success with ST integration. Have you had an opportunity to put a guide together? I’m going to order two (2) for now plus the translator and see how I do.

I just ordered all Andersen windows in a new construction. I now am researching how I will monitor, should have done that first. Did you find a solution? I am new to z-wave and smart home tech, but fairly tech savvy otherwise. Not a programmer. In the research I have done, a SmartThings hub would be a better choice than wink. Any advice would be appreciated. I am debating if I want verilock or just put on the clunky other sensors like Ring or others.

@erocm1231, brand new member here. I’m currently at a crossroads on trying to make a decision on which home automation controller to go with. One of my criteria is to incorporate the many 2GIG 345 mhz security sensors I have in my home that are left overs from an old Vivint system. I could go with Vera Secure which has built in support for these sensors, but the ui, system stability, and other integration availability seem to be lacking. SmartThings on the other hand seems to be well supported, with tons of integrations, but no RF capability. In my search for 345 mhz receivers, I came across a reddit post that mentions the Anderson Translator. That led me to this post. I’ve looked up the specs of the Anderson sensors, and they are “Compatible with all Honeywell 5800 Series Wireless control panels”, which I believe my 2GIG 345 mhz sensors are the same capability. So, if I assume that there is a way to get the Anderson Translator to recognize the 2GIG 345 mhz sensors, I would then need to get SmartThings to recognize what the Translator is sending it, similar to what you have done here for the actual window sensors. Getting this to work is my deciding factor and I’d rather go SmartThings if possible. I’m not sure of rules on requesting someone do paid work on here, but I’d gladly pay you for your expertise and coding to adjust your current Verilock Translator to work with other / misc security sensors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have the resources to dedicate time to it, but if the sensors work with the Anderson translator, they might already work with what I have already setup. The translator is going to send multi-channel notification reports to report the status of the connected devices. So if it doesn’t already work, it will just be a matter of changing the notificationreport parsing to translate the info correctly.