Andersen Windows Connect (Verilock Translator)

I have a VeriLock Translator that I want to use to add Honeywell Door Sensors and Motion Sensors to ST. I was able to add the Translator to ST as a Thing, but when I add a sensor to the VeriLock Translator I don’t see it in ST. I tried to install your recommended code as a My App, but it gave an error message. I was able to install them as Device Handlers, but I still do not see the child devices even though the translator is indicating that the sensors are successfully added to the VeriLock Translator. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

thanks so much for this…

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Thanks a lot for this, it allowed me to add a bunch of wireless Honeywell open/close sensors that were apart of an existing ADT system.

For anyone who is unclear on how to get this working, below are the steps I took:

  • Install both of the linked github codes as a device handlers then devices via IDE
  • On the Verilink Translator hold the square button for 3 seconds
  • Translator will show slow blinking bright green light
  • Open/close window multiple times, you should hear a beep from Translator and then will see a new device automatically show up in SmartThings app under unassigned.
    *May need to move translator to an outlet closer to sensor you are adding if it’s not working.