Could not connect to Smartthings service error?

So trying to add a second Lyric T5 thermostat. The first added correctly.

In the new Smartthings Android app when I add device it says connected to honeywell service. But when I select next it gives me a blank screen and the error “could not connect to Smartthings service”.

In the classic app, it shows me the two available thermostats. After it makes me log into my Honeywell Home acct, it shows me the two available thermostats, I select them both (or just the new one, doesnt matter), and then click next. The page is then blank, only option is save so I click that. Then get “Error bad state–unable to complete page configuration”.

Have tried reinstalling the apps. Logging in and out of the honeywell smartthings app etc to no avail.

Any ideas?