Amcrest 1080p Wifi/Ethernet IP camera $62 new Ebay free shipping

This camera has been discussed on multiple threads and deal-threads over the past 12 months but this is the cheapest I’ve seen for a new not-referurbished model. I have 5 of these cameras and have been pleased with their reliability and performance over the past year that I’ve used them.

A note to those purchasing this camera. The latest firmware breaks the current ST integration using local IPs. I have a ticket open with Amcrest and a workaround is being pursued. Otherwise the camera works great and I highly recommend it, just hold off on the latest firmware for now.

Edit: FYI the offending firmware is V2.420.AC00.17.R 3/22/17


Thanks! I was just getting ready to update my cameras, but I’ll hold off.

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OMG, this is really important info for people with these (or about to get them) to have.
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Does this camera have WDR?