Amazon Tap: interest free 5 monthly payments (on Amazon card only?)

This is new. Also interesting that they are offering this deal on the tap and not the regular echo. And that they are offering this deal about a week after they enabled hands-free mode on the tap. I think this must be aimed at college students. And baristas. Or their parents. :wink:

So it’s the regular price, $130, but you can pay in five equal payments of $26 a month. ( The monthly payment option is shown just below the regular price in the product description). No idea how long this will be offered for.

I’m thinking they realized that nobody is regularly using them not on the base , so the minimal battery saved by not having them always listening was moot . I think I have taken mine off its base maybe 2-3 times. easy enough to turn off the always listening off if you are on the patio and worried about that extra hour of music before charging.
I’m still toying with the idea of mounting it on the bike and using phone as WiFi hotspot. While I’m sure it is loud enough , doubt the voice commands will be of much use at 70mph with full face helmet. :wind_blowing_face:


I know some people are using Fire TV Sticks with the voice remote in a similar fashion (cars though). Plugging them into USB so they are on in the car and then using the voice remote for control of things.

Those aren’t handsfree, though, right? You have to press the button to start and Alexa command?

Just last week they have now offered a hands-free option for Tap where no button push will be required once you put it into hands-free operation mode.

Correct. You do have to use the remote. It’s a little easier/safer in a car.

The monthly payment option was offered last summer also, that is how I got my Tap.

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I am still looking for a purpose for the second Tap I have still unopened (Amazon gave it to me for writing 3 Alexa apps during some Dev promotion). Maybe I should put it in hands free mode, tether it to my phone and keep it in the truck?

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I have looked for this deal on Amazon’s website with a fine tooth comb with no luck. I guess I missed it:(

Still there for me just now. Did you use the link in the first post of this thread?

You’re kidding!! Yes, I used the link. That is weird Scratching my head). Maybe I need to get in my computer instead of my phone.

This is what I’m seeing. I’m a prime member, but it doesn’t indicate it’s a prime deal. Also, I’m in the US.

I appreciate it. I’ m a Prime Member and in the US too. Thank you for the illustration.

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It might only be available to Prime members with Amazon charge. I see the same no interest offer.

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