Amazon Fire HD6 $69 today, dedicated remote?

(Brian) #1

Save $30 today on the Fire HD6. Maybe a good use for dedicated SmartThings remote with SmartTiles?

(Keith Croshaw) #2

I’d think about it for if I didn’t just win a slow HP Stream 7 in a raffle which I’m intending to use.

(Ray) #3

I have hd6 with smarttiles. Just something to be aware. You can’t sideload tasker and some of the apps to it. I was hoping to do voice command with sharptools, autovoice and tasker. Just tasker and Firefox won’t install for me.

(jotto) #4

Anyone know if you can root HD Fire6 to sideload tasker and the other apps to make voice control work?

(Ray) #5

There is no root for the hd6 that I know off but that was 2 months ago.