Amazon Echo Starts Randomly Playing Music without Command

Yes. HOTEL CALIFORNIA was paying when l got up to make coffee.
My house was perfectly quiet. No one was awake.

We are having the same problem repeatedly. I checked the activity log - and the only activity is telling Alexa to turn off at 3:00 am (varied around 15 minutes of that time). There is no bluetooth connected to it. There are no other devices connected.

The best thing is just to contact Amazon support.

You can start from the Alexa App, Choose the “More” Icon, and help and feedback will be the last entry on that next page.

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My Alexa has been doing this a lot lately. It would randomly play music at night. The weird part is that it would play songs I listened to earlier, but on a different device. For example, my mother was listening to Dierks entley downstairs, but at midnight in my room, It would start to play. Then what happened next really scared me. A song that nobody has played in months started randomly playing but it sounded really demonic and low pitched, and thats when I unplugged that Alexa and it has not been on since.

I had the issue this morning while I was watching tv. I heard music playing randomly and it freaked me out.
I have an echo at my house and one at my parent’s house and I realized my mother asked hers to play music, but it somehow started playing on mine. So weird!!

I recently had the same issue. Randomly playing music when the house was silent. I stopped it and 2 minutes later a different song came on. I checked Bluetooth devises and nothing was connected. I checked history and the only thing showing was me saying stop.
I managed to fix it. I figured out it was using Spotify to play music and I don’t use Spotify. I went to skills and searched Spotify then disabled it.
Not had a problem since.

The same thing has happened to me. We have three Alexas in our house and three times at 3 am music goes off, but only in one of my little sister’s room. The first two times it was an explicit rap song, and the last one was some type of sog from Aerosmith I thin, none of which we listen to. Everyone was asleep when it happened and there was no noise that would have set it off. The weird thing is, it starts really quiet, and then the volume just gets louder and louder until it’s blasting through the entire house. Really freaky and trying to find an explanation. My sister snores, so we all thought at first that her snoring may have sounded like the command word and it started playing, but it has happened three times. The other creepy thing is, now every night I wake up at 3 am for no reason, and one night (when everyone was asleep and the lights were turned off) my hallway and kitchen light was flickering on and off. I also hear weird breathing in and out sounds of a deep-voiced person, and sometimes even footsteps or abnormal creaks. Don’t know if this is related or my house is just haunted, or is there a real explanation for this. I would really love to know.

I have 2 devices in my house and the 2nd gen dot fired up in the middle of the night several nights in a row. I reached out to Amazon and they had me do a factory reset on it. That did not fix the problem. Last night I unplugged my 2nd gen dot hoping to sleep all night. I woke to my 4th gen dot playing music at 4:00am. Each time the units fire up the play stations I have never and would never play. I thought of a solution, smart plugs. They are to be delivered tomorrow.