Amazon Echo report with switch trigger

Forgive me if this has been discussed, I am new. I have been searching for days on this site so I though I would just ask the question.
I am considering buying an Echo.
I want Echo to tell me my alarm is armed when I open a door that has a switch. I have a 30 sec delay on the door also.

Will it do this?

No - someone may explain better, but Echo is a one way device.

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Unfortunately, Paul above is correct. The Alexa will not ‘wake’ to tell you anything. The ONLY non-directed output is actually Alexa’s own alarms and timers…

There are work arounds, however, to allow you get KINDA what you want…there is an app I developed called Ask Alexa that WILL respond to your requests, telling you when alarms are set, the condition of doors, etc. You STILL need to wake Alexa up to get this information, so this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but it will be the best compromise you have with the device.

You can read more about my app here: [RELEASE] Ask Alexa