SmartThings Home Monitor Notifications

Is there a way to pick and choose which sensors STHM should monitor? If not, any work-arounds?

I have the Armed (stay) mode set to only monitor open/closed sensors, but I don’t really care to know when someone opens a closet door (it’s probably me… lol). And, I def don’t want my Simulated Alexa Switches triggering notifications as I mainly use those to trigger scene changes and Alexa announcements. But, I do want to know if someone opens an entry door (front door, back door, garage door, etc.)

I’d also like the Armed (stay) mode to monitor outside motion (via cameras), but I don’t want to get a notification every time someone enters the kitchen… or, a bathroom (lights triggered by motion sensors, not cameras.) :smile:

There is a way I am sure someone can explain it better than me. But here are screen shots of the pages to look for.

I knew I had to have been missing something. When I saw your screenshots (#4), I noticed that yours indicated a sensor “and 14 others”. Mine said “All sensors”, because I toggled the switch to ON. Didn’t realize that if I toggled the switch OFF, I could tap on that section and pick individual sensors. Thank you!