Arming Alarm Via Amazon Echo?



I am trying to integrate my home alarm which is a bunch of z-wave stuff running on Smart Things with the Amazon Echo.
Does anyone have any guidance on how to go about doing this? I think this might be doable using ifttt or something, but I could use some pointers in the right direction please.

(Jimmy) #2

Are you using Smart Home Monitor as your home alarm or something else?


Yes, currently using Smart Home Monitor.

(Jimmy) #4

One common method is to use a virtual switch. You could install the device handler below with switch on the command side and contact sensor on the attribute side. You then set a routine to trigger automatically based on this virtual switch/contact sensor. Inside that routine you arm your SHM.

(Micheal ) #5

Using Ask Alexa you can also accomplish this:

(Nate) #6

@michaels you got to it before i could :smiley: