Amazon Echo not discovering anything

I had my echo and smartthings working together just fine, but the hub was acting weird so I reset it and broke the connection to my echo. After disabling and reenabling the SmartThings skill in Amazon, I link the account and authorize the connection, but discovery finds none of my smartthings devices. I’ve tried many versions of disabling/enabling, resetting the echo, etc to try to get this working. I’m looking for suggestions.

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Once you link the account in the echo app, go into your smartphone app, tap on automatons and tap on the Amazon Alexa app. Authorize your devices. Tap done and them run discover on your echo.

I am having the exact same issue after I disabled/re-enabled my ST devices. Did you ever find a solution?

Tried that. Even tried to reset the Echo, remove ST Skill from Alexa app, remover Alexa Smartapp from ST and start from square 1. Nothing. No ST devices are found

I would like to try a factory reset of Alexa but the instructions online are obviously out of date. No reset hole on my Echo or at least not on the bottom. of the base as suggested online.

I got it working, but I haven’t been able to repeat the fix. The original problem was at my daughter’s house. In ST, I turned off Alexa’s access to all ST devices and named just a couple of switches, then I ran discovery. Nothing. In ST, I turned on Alexa’s access to all ST devices, ran discovery. Nothing. Back in ST, limited the device list again, ran discovery and holy crap it worked. It was ridiculous and frustrating and I’m still not sure if its a ST or Alexa problem.

Then I tried decided to clean up the duplicate devices at my house, so I disabled the Alexa smart app in ST and manually deleted the ST connected devices in Alexa. Now when I try to rediscover the ST devices, it finds nothing. I plan to spend more quality time with it over the weekend.