Amazon echo dot range

Hey guys,

Purchased an amazon echo dot

Is there a certain range where the smartthings has to be in order for the echo to connect with?

Or do they sync by wifi?

I have the hub downstairs and want the echo upstairs


Its a Cloud to Cloud to basically means

Echo --> WiFi --> Your ISP --> Amazon --> SmartThings [Cloud] --> Your ISP --> WiFi --> SmartThings [Hub]

They have no connection locally, if your internet goes down - they cant talk. So if they are both on the same WiFi you will be fine :slight_smile:


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cheers mate… another question pls… i want to have a motion sensor upstairs… but the hub is not connecting to it when i get up the stairs…

is there anything i can do pls?


Does it connect when it’s closer to the hub?

If it does; it might be a range issue or maybe something interfering with it.

If it doesn’t; remove it from SmartThings and add it again.

If that fails, contact support - they can look into your account and see what’s going on.


If it’s a range issue, you can buy things that will extend the range. Plug in items can be range extenders, but battery operated ones will not.