Amazon Echo: 2 for 159.98

Buy two Echos for 158.98 when use promo code ECHO2PACK.
Amazon Echo (Black)
Amazon Echo (White)

$100 discount courtesy of the NSA



If NSA needs to spy on you, they can just tap your phone. Patriot Act allows them to do it without much hurdles. Or are you not using cellphones either, because of chance that NSA can tap you??? For all i care, let them listen to me. They won’t find anything useful.

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Probably clearing them out due to the rumored Echo replacement in the works.


Great price!

I don’t use the internet either.


I legitimately snort-LOLd at this :smiley:

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I’m a sucker for good deals, I’m glad I missed this one.

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I still have a Dot & GH I haven’t found a place for.

We have a Echo in our living room and then a Tap in the bedroom and another Tap in the basement. Once you start enabling some skills and actually using it you’ll find you don’t like not having it. Even for stupid things like defining a word or checking what the weather will be like tomorrow.

I have 8 total (1 echo, 7 dots). There isn’t a place in my house that you can’t “ask alexa”.

Only 8 ? Rooky LOL

and one unused one.

Do you need my shipping address?

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