Amazon Echo $160 at various retailers


Amazon Echo $160 at Bed Bath & Beyond $160 w/Free shipping
Get it price matched at Best Buy. Not the best price but a small discount, nevertheless.

(Jason) #2

Looks like it’s also available for the same price at Home Depot, and Lowes.

Lowes says through 5/7/16


Don’t forget them online coupons :slight_smile: I think the $20 off $100 is still there too

comes out to $152 after tax and coupon

Amazon Echo $159.99 at Staples
(Jason) #4

Good Call:


darn your tax rate lol :stuck_out_tongue:

too bad I already have 2 Dots and a real sound system otherwise I would jump on this, great price and can pick it up as well

(Jason) #6

I have 2 dots, a tap and 2 echos… this was enough to push me to replace the work tap back to the full deal (replaced it with the tap)… I miss the full echo (it’s in the garage now) IDK what i’ll do with the tap yet, probably just use it around the yard.

I find myself talking to it, then pressing the button and repeating myself.

(Nomis R) #7

I’m still trying to convince my wife that the Echo is a good idea, but with all the glitches that ST was/is having with all the random turn on/off and things not working because the schedules don’t work… argh…

(Esteban Gottfried) #8

How is the dot? Would you recommend it as a second alexa or it would be better a new echo?

(Jason) #9

I like it, but it really depends on the use case. Full blown echo is great in the livingroom/kitchen and garage. Dot is working perfectly connected to my bathroom speakers that are hardwired to a waterproof unit mounted in the steam shower via bluetooth and in the basement cabled to a shape m7 (not where i planned it but the wife didnt like having to pull out her phone… and, well… she puts up with my HA/gadget addiction, so yeah.)


Great find! I am new to ST (just got my kit this Monday). Was planning to add an echo in a few months once I have more toys for it to play with. But with the $20 off at Lowes and in store pickup I will have one of these to play with first thing in the morning. Happy Friday to me!

(Ran) #11

Best Buy has them at $159 as well. Then I found a 10% off coupon, and a gift card that I had forgotten that I had. Picked up the same day! I have a 2-story house, so trying to figure out if I should get a Dot for the upstairs? Are they independent of each other? Echo has Prime music playing while I can tell the Dot to turn on thermostat?

(Jason) #12

Yes, Each one operated independently.

(Realy Living Dream) #13

We like the Dots. Have Echoes in Dining room, office and bedroom. Dots in Kitchen ( 3.5m wire to soundbar hidden above cabinets ), bathroom above linen cabinet and kids bedroom ( aux input of clock radio )

(Pizzinini) #14

If you dont need an integrated great speaker, get the dot. The dot is much smaller and the speaker sounds like a cell phone speaker but other than that is has all the functionality of the large Echo. And yes, you can connect an external speaker (wire or Bluetooth) to make up for the bad sound quality.

(Benji) #15

I was going to say you can easily get 20% off coupons for BBB buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut:

“The manufacturer does not allow coupons on Amazon Echo”

(Ran) #16

Asked Akexa to order me a dot. Not available till July :disappointed:


BBB gift cards for 11% off at card pool + another 2% through ebates

(Nomis R) #18

Lowes also at the same price and you can use the Renovopower $20 off $100 coupon

(Benji) #19

Has anyone used Cardpool before? How ‘safe’ is it? I’m a little concerned it looks like a great way to get scammed…


Yes, I’ve used it before on a few occasions. It’s legitimate and the codes are usually sent to you via email within an hour or so (maybe a little longer during the weekends). Some of the codes are not gift cards per se but store credit. I’m not sure if those might have some issues with some online purchases.