Amazon Echo $140.39 @ Bed Bath and Beyond w/Free Shipping

Is there a new version rumored to release before the holidays?

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Not that I know of. It’s the Echo’s 2nd birthday!

Whoa…Amazon is offering free same day delivery at this price…forget my deal and go to Amazon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Best Buy has them, too

Can also get it directly through Amazon for same price.

To be fair, if you prefer to get them at store, just go to best buy. LOL

Yes, but Bed Bath… often sends $25 off codes in the mail…

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The email from Bed Bath and Beyond said no coupons or additional discounts on the Echo. I would probably take one with me anyway just in case…

It worked with Lowe’s and the Echo Tap. That’s how I ended up getting it for $59

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