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Amazon Dash Button wall mount (and summary of what to do)

(ppp) #1

Hi brothers,
i post a couple of photos to explain how i have connected a wall switch to Amazon Dash Button: it’s enough to intercept contacts that normally closes the big white plastic button …
Dash button is small enough to stay inside a switches wall box: in theese days Amazon deliver “Dash version 2” with removible Duracell battery AAA inside, so it’s very easy to change the battery or, in alternative, to fix a 1,5 V DC power supply.

Waiting that some genius produce a firmware change of Dash Button, I have found three workings ways to transform Dash Button in a thing for our ST:

  1. using a dedicated android smartphone or tablet (with tasker installed) from SmartHomeUser:
    Easiest Way to "Hack" Amazon Dash Button

  2. using a dedicated windows or linux pc (or android???) with Pyton and Scapy (from ANDREW MAGER):
    Hack the Amazon Dash button to control a SmartThings switch

  3. using a dedicated windows or linux pc (or android???) with node.js (from redloro):
    [RELEASE] Amazon Dash Button

In my opinion the easier way is the first: you can use an old android smartphone … we have homes plenty of them :slight_smile:

Good work :slight_smile:


(Boris Tsipenyuk) #2

for those interested, I posted my experience working with the “unbranded” Dash button - My Quick and dirty ST & Amazon IoT Button Integration howto

(Mase Driskell) #3

I made this one before I had seen this post I used kid buttons on mine.