Am I the only one tired of resetting GE Link bulbs?

Maybe I missed the advice about Link bulbs, or maybe I am the only one having issues. My search did not have any relevant responses.
It seems like about once a week I have to reset my GE links somewhere. Kind of a PIA. So does anyone know if GE is backing these things up? I paid about $15 ea when I bought them a year or so ago. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but they just randomly stop working. Either they stay on and cannot be turned off or the dont come on unless they are reset. Should have just went for Z wave switches instead of bulbs I am guessing, unless maybe I am just not doing something correct. Any ideas?

You’re not the only one. I got rid of ALL my GE Links (the 2700k ones) and swapped them for Cree. The GE Daylight Links work just fine, and I still have 2 of those.

They’re not, and there’s no firmware update available if I remember right.

You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a bulb problem.

Depending on where you have the bulbs, like in overhead lighting, you’re probably are better off with a smart switch. Personally that’s what I’d do. I only use bulbs in lamps. My family is so use to using Minimotes or Alexa to turn them on/off that they’ve forgotten about physically turning them on/off anymore.


The GE link bulbs have significant problems, which is why they were never on the official “works with SmartThings” list. It’s just a firmware issue where they can lose contact with the network every two or three weeks. Extremely annoying, so much so that I replaced eight of them once the $15 Hue White bulbs came out, and I’ve never looked back. :sunglasses:

So it’s a known issue, two years later there’s still no fix, and you either live with it or get a different brand.

BTW, there is a forum FAQ on this issue. If you’re going to keep yours, definitely read the FAQ for tips on how to reconnect them more quickly.


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If you want some company, you can count me in. I have 9 of those bulbs and it’s become a weekly thing for me to reset one or two bulbs.

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I’ve connected all mine to dimmers. They dim beautifully.
Just saying :slight_smile:

What did you search for? Sooo many people have had problems with these things dropping off the network. Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and just ditch these bulbs. There are smart bulbs that can work pretty well, or if you want z-wave switches that’s a great option too. But theses bulbs are just a headache.


No, I stopped being tired of them now that they are sitting in a box in the garage and are the reason why I never recommend smart lights to people.

I used to use 15 of them and they varyingly had the same issues. After moving to a new home, the count went to 10 by using more smart switches, but the issues remained. So, I’ve replaced all remaining10 with Cree bulbs and all my issues disappeared. I’ve heard of some problems if you go over 10 Cree bulbs. But at 10, I’ve not seen any issues yet.

I’m one of the few people who seems to never have had issues with them. I have had 4-6 of them in service for 3 years (starting with Wink) and they’ve been very solid for me.

I am another who got rid of them. I originally had them on Iris, and they wee very intermittent. When I switched to ST it was the same thing. I finally just got rid of of them.

I must be lucky. I loose one a few times a year.

I started out with a couple GE bulbs and one Cree.

The GE bulbs were returned within two weeks because they just would not stay connected. All my ‘white’ bulbs are now Cree. I’ve not had to reset any of them in many months.

I do not remember what words I used in my search, but apparently they were the wrong ones. I just searched again and found numerous post with problems. I guess I will be replacing link bulbs and going to zwave switches. The reason I chose to use the bulbs in the first place was due to ease, since the electricians that wired the house years ago used 12 ga wire and did not leave squat for wire in the boxes.
Lesson learned.
Thanks for all the replies and input.


I haven’t been in the forum in a long time but since I was pulling off the little hair I have left with those GE link bulbs, I decided to come and visit again. Thank you guys for restoring my sanity: I will be adding a switch very soon for my kitchen island lights. The funny thing is that they worked flawlessly for over 2 years and suddenly stopped responding… Anyway, thank you all for the info.

I too have had 3 years of very good reliability but in the last 6 months I have been having singular light on all night after dropping off. I have since change all but 2 out with Sengled with no issues so far. I have one of the 2 left dropping off every so often so it’s days are numbered soon.I missed the Amazon sale 2 weeks ago for the 4 pack :frowning: