Am I missing a trick?

I’ve had my hub for around 2 months, with 3 multi sensors
And in this time I have had to Curry’s 4 times to replace these

The sensor will suddenly stop connecting, I’ll notice that a sensor will say it’s open or closed when I know it isn’t
I’ll hit the refresh but it won’t update, press the button on the sensor = no light, replace the battery (even though the last connection said 88% or something equally high) nothing
Doesn’t matter where, front door, back door

I’ve just received a new one, put it into position this afternoon & just noticed now it says open when it shouldn’t
Hitting refresh to no avail

I can’t be that unlucky, is there a simple solution?

(excuse the grammar, tablet keypad)

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ST multisensors I assume?

What is the distance from sensors to hub (roughly) and are any of the doors metal by chance?

It could be platform problems, but meanwhile the following is the usual troubleshooting checklist for sensors, so it might be of interest: