Alternatives to IFTTT applets for WiFi devices?

that would make sense. The new app doesn’t like states that are null.

The offline state is a pain for the devices since it may prevent Smartthings from accessing the device. Anyone done any research why they show offline? I tried to contact Smart Life and they told me the devices don’t support Smartthings. Typical level one support response.

@Paul_Oliver how did you make 2 automations to connect the on and off scenes into a single virtual switch? I am still fighting with the plugs but I do have a light bulb and would be interested in setting it up as you mentioned. I may be able to apply the same to the plugs I have configured. Thanks

I create a virtual switch in the IDE and then create the following piston in WebCore

Hi Paul.

I am still having an issue after setting up webCoRE. I setup a piston:

But it does not do what I am expecting. I am not sure if it is due to the “else” but I can’t figure out how to remove it. Can you share your backup code for your piston or explain how you built your piston without an “else”? I wish the editor was just a straight text editor or a hybrid with both text editing an UI editing.


If you look at the example I posted earlier today you will see I have 2 separate “if” automations in that piston. No “elses” were used.

I can’t get a piston built without them. That was why I was asking if you could send me a copy of your piston I can import

If I add an If block and then add a condition I get the if, then, else by default. I have not found a way to get rid of the else. And I have not been able to find a way to delete it without deleting the entire condition.

Try 40dqi to duplicate my piston

It didn’t import the piston. It just created a blank piston. I don’t understand why I am seeing some pistons without the else but most have it in the examples.

I don’t think it would matter I just found this post: it also shows a piston without the else but if I import it puts in the else conditions. Grrrrrr This makes no sense

You could always create 2 seperate pistons. One for on and one for off.

Try 6ix9. Piston for another bulb.

That one fails to import also. It only imports the blank piston

I am out of ideas other than 2 separate pistons.

Thanks for the help. I’ll keep beating in it

Kevin, look for the Add a new statement line underneath your first IF while in edit mode. Click on it and add your second IF.

Thanks for the suggestion. It still leaves the else statement in the piston.

I think I have it working even with the else. It has to be a legacy feature. I just started using WebCoRE and all my pistons have the else but I can see old pistons without the else but if I create a piston from them the else is added to my piston.

It would still be good to have a txt editor for the piston. Using the UI is good to get started but doesn’t allow fine tuning.

That’s weird. The else is typically there in the edit screen when you have complex Ifs selected, but it would disappear when reviewing the saved piston.
I’ve found it easier to separate my logic blocks out, rather than create something too complex. Easier from a debugging perspective at least.
Good luck.