Alternative to Enerwave Module Switch?

Hello ST community!

Frequent lurker, first time poster. I’m getting started with my first smart home build and have most everything lined up. However, there’s one component that’s stumping me. I did a search through the community and haven’t found anything that specifically addresses my question.

I’ve got two rooms with recessed lighting that I’d like to be able to control through ST. My wife doesn’t like the look of any of the standard switches we’ve seen online (she wants an old school push button style switch).

I found the Enerwave Module Switch as a solution to connect any light switch my wife could want to ST. Here’s the link:

The more reading I’ve done the more I’ve worried the setup may be beyond me (specific coding, etc.). The LAST thing I want to do is install the thing and not be able to get it working.

Does anyone know of an alternative bit of hardware that would do the same thing but has an easier time integrating with ST?

Thanks in advance for helping out this newbie! And my apologies if there’s an earlier thread on this topic that I haven’t found yet!


All the relays require about the same amount of work to get them going. Obviously the wiring will have to be done, so you may need an electrician for that.

Some of them, in particular the Aeotec brand from Aeon Labs, are on the official “works with SmartThings” compatibility list, which means you don’t need custom code for them. However, if you want to use many of the advanced features, then you may have to go to community – created custom code anyway just to get that. And to be honest, the parameter settings on all of these devices are pretty complex, but there will always be community members who will be glad to help you figure out exactly what you need.

Using custom code in smartthings is pretty straightforward. Basically you copy the author’s code and then paste it into your own account. Once that happens, there will be setup wizards inside the SmartThings mobile app from the custom code that will help you set or use the features you want.

Here’s the FAQ for using custom code with SmartThings. Hopefully it will demystify the process for you and then you can decide whether you might be open to doing that or not.

Again, if a particular device is on the official list, you won’t need custom code to use it with smart things, but you might still want it to get access to a particular feature.

Oh, before going any further, we should ask if you’re in the US or the UK. The device selection is somewhat different, as is the wiring. The Aeotec modules are available in both regions, but most other devices are not.

Can’t thank you enough for setting me on the path, here. This is great info. I’ll start digging into it. The Aeotec sounds like a great place to start. I don’t think I’ll need any advanced features…just on/off, dimming and the ability to incorporate it into scenes.

Truly, thank you!

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Just to follow up - we’re in the US.

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The particular enerwave module that you linked to has the ability to control two separate circuits. You’d most likely use that for something like a bathroom switch where a single gang device has one toggle for an on/off fan and one toggle for the light. So literally two different switches.

There is an Aeotec dual relay module IF you need one, but usually you can get by with a single.

By the way, many Z wave devices are somewhat more expensive at Amazon then they are the specialty retailers. So it pays to shop around, particularly if you want multiples since the specialty retailers will often give you a volume discount if you’re buying six or more. Just check the return policy, because of course Amazon is usually the best at that. :sunglasses:

JD - again, you’ve given me gold!

You’re absolutely right. I think singles will work perfectly for me. I’ve been reading up on the Aeotec line and I think that’s the way I’ll go. Now to dive into that list of retailers.

I owe you a :beer:

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