How to? (Notify with sonos)


We are 2 people living in the same condo and we both have different presence sensors. What I’m trying to do is to set a distinct welcome message with sonos the first time the user enters the condo after being away. I have an Insteon Recessed door sensor in my front door, I’ve set different modes “Away”, “User 1 only”, “User 2 only”, “Home” (When we are both home).

The problem is that there is no way to automatically make a mode change after the door has open or closed. Is there any developer around who could customize the “notify with sonos” app according to who is present? I would gladly financially contribute to have that.

Thanks for your answers and suggestions

And of course, I want to avoid to play the welcome message every time I open the door, only when I come back from away to home. But again, Presence sensor will have detected me before I open the doors so I can’t just choose “only when mode is Away”…

Anyone have an idea to create a smart app “play with sonos first time doors open in mode X” ?

I was going to post this same exact scenario. I am trying to do this as well and simply cannot figure out how. I think we are going to need a custom smartapp.

One difference for me is I’m using a ST Multi at the door, but I don’t think that matters for this scenario.

How is she doing it then?

Cause the trigger (presence / door / whatever) cause a delayed mode change as well. For instance, when you leave house --> Mode “AWAY” / when come back --> Mode “IM BACK” / x mins later --> Mode “IM HOME”.

Then set up the Sonos to trigger only in Mode “IM BACK”

Where in the app can I set the mode to change after x minute when in “coming back” mode?