Alpha Opportunity: Browser-Based Web Portal

Ssssssttttt … do you really want them to take it from you? :slight_smile:

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@Dianoga Is it possible to be added to the tester group.
I already filled out the form but I never got an answer. I’m already in the beta group for Hub firmware and I use Action Tile and SharpTools but I wish test your web portal too.


Hi Brian, Is there any chance of being included please ?

I’d say at this point this looks DOA.


Any ETA on a public release? It’s looking pretty good and stable.


It’s been one thing after another. I’m still working to get it released but have been running into shifting requirements from legal and security teams. I think we’re getting closer but I have no timelines.


:raising_hand_man: If you need any more testers!


I signed up. Only a few thing I don’t want to break but I’m wanting to see if I can get more involved directly with the smarttings group. Always looking to whats coming in the future.

If you still need testers have already filled out the form

Hey Brian, any word on this?


Nothing new to report. Still not dead, still no timeline, still not happy about that (the timeline part… I’m happy it’s not dead).


Thanks for the update, let us know if we can do anything to assist with the business case. The web interface is definitely faster than the mobile apps.
I mean no kidding, it’s 10 times faster and less frustrating to use the web app v/s the mobile app. automations, apps, everything is faster to access and navigate.


I can’t wait for a browser portal !
Some of us still use and prefer PC’s !


iPads and tablets also. The web app just works better and faster than the mobile app.

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Any ideas when this will be released? I have a Samsung tablet that I can’t load the mobile app on. This would be the best alternative.

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@blake.arnold @Dianoga

There’s been a fair amount of “bad” news for ST users in the last few days and ST has taken its share of flak for it.

I think we could all do with a dose of good news.

I’ve been tracking the progress of this browser app for a long time and it’s come a long way. It’s clean, responsive, fast and polished - a perfect replacement for the Classic and works with practically any device (from phones, tablets to computers) - including those that the new ST app doesn’t work with (and the Classic did). The speed to access Automations, SmartApps, Devices etc is amazing on this browser app v/s the new app (not to mention 10 times more convenient when working from a tablet or computer/laptop).

I can’t think of a bigger redemption than the general release of this ST browser app to the community to win back (and then some, possibly) the good will of ST users who’re frustrated with the speed of the new app and the loss of the Classic.

It could just start with a release to specific markets, if legal is more comfortable with that, and then expand into other markets.


Hopefully voiceover will work well with it

Cool, when can I get my hands on it. Re-configuring and testing everything after switching to new phone app is tedious

Thanks for this breath of hope, but, I am very concerned at the potential of a release to limited markets only at launch. Considering how long we here in the UK have waited, and are still waiting, for features such as SMART LOCK GUEST ACCESS, in the “new” app. I fear we will be waiting years.
On that point, is there lock management in the browser portal ?


nope, but it does show mobile presence devices.