All my Simulated Switches are offline and not working

Hello! I use 79 virtual switches for a ton of automations in my smarthome. And since June 21 they all went offline and are no longer working. By no working i mean I can’t turn any of them ON or OFF thus breaking almost all my automations as I deeply depend on these. For more clarification I use Simulated Switches, Simulated Alexa Switches, Alexa Switches and Virtual Switches. And none of these types are working. I even tried to create new virtual switches (of all these 4 types) and they all appear to be offline and impossible to switch ON or OFF. I tried to change the type and reset them as I use and still, no change. Is this happening only to me? Anyone has any solution to make all my virtual switches start working back again?

Wow, very frustrating! :rage: I haven’t seen other reports of that, though.

Do you have a SmartThings hub (V2 or V3)?

If so, you could try an Edge Driver, which at least is on the new architecture, and see if that virtual device works.

[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Have you tried the new Edge virtual devices. There are several community members @ygerlovin , @TAustin and @Mariano_Colmenarejo who have developed some very good virtual devices that work with the new ST Edge environment.


I have not and i would love to try them. But still I don’t know how to use edge drivers on virtual devices…

It is very easy. Hear is some links to get you started:

I forgot to mention 2 things needed to use Edge drivers.

  1. you need a ST hub.

  2. the hub needs to be a v2, v3, or Aeotec hub. Edge drivers don’t currently work with ST Wifi hubs.

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This might help:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

After you read that, just pick one of the three links @Paul_Oliver gave you, go to that thread, subscribe to that author’s channel, and then follow the directions in that thread to create virtual devices using that driver.

Each one uses a slightly different method, so I would just pick one to start.

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That is a weird one. I have just installed a Virtual Switch from the stock DTH and it worked perfectly, whether assigned to a hub or not. I’d imagine they are all untracked devices so I’d expect them to be online unless the hub is offline (not sure what happens if they aren’t assigned to a hub).

What remedial steps have you taken?

Hopefully ST’s own virtual devices can’t be far off. They are creeping into the API, Core SDK and CLI.

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Solved… My Hub was disconnected from the plug wall (what a Dumb I feel). My other physical products that were working are also connected trough Smartlife (and imported to Smartthings) so that’s why they kept working upon voice command only…