All my fibaro double switches stopped working as doubles and start acting as singles

Hi all;
I have a v2 hub. I have several fibaro double switches in my home.
starting from a few days ago I think, all of them, stopped working as double switches and start working as single switches. and so, each module that have been opening and closing 2 lights, for several years with no issues, can now control only 1 light.
I am super confused…
any help would be great.

They are chid devices in the main component now. Main and Switch 1

If you’re using iOS you will not be able to see the child component in the then section of routines

What app is this screen shot from?
I use Android and have the Samsung smartthings

logged into the IDE. here is an example of my problem:

kitchen here is a child of island.
I have total of 5 modules, in all modules the child stopped working around 4 days ago…
is this something that happened in the handlers? there is a cloud execution whatever this means.
can someone point me in the right direction on how to get the second switch working?
I will happily provide more info.
your help is appreciated

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

The IDE is part of the old architecture and information there is no longer accurate or up-to-date.

Instead, use the new web interface at or one of the community-created UIs.

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

As part of the transition to a new platform, all DTH‘s are being discontinued and will be replaced with “edge Drivers.” so it may be that your devices were automatically transitioned, but they ended up with one that doesn’t have quite the same functionality.

If you haven’t heard of edge drivers before, here’s the community FAQ on those:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

The good news is that since you have an android phone, you won’t run into the current iOS bug for this type of device. And typically there is a community edge driver that will give you back the functionality.

Start by reading those two FAQs, and then check to see what edge Driver the devices are using now. Based on that, we can probably make a recommendation for a better alternative.

The screenshot is from iOS

You will want to try this driver:

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So going onto the parent light (island) I can go-to driver but when I try to select a different one the app states that there are no other suitable drivers
If I go the the child light I don’t have the option to select drivers…
Attached are pictures of the island parent config

Is there a other way to change drivers?

Have you had a chance to read the Edge FAQ at the link I already gave you? You will have to subscribe to the new driver and download it to your own hub before it will be available to switch to.

The process is described in detail in point 2 in the community FAQ.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Hi @Guy_Katz

If you are using the ZWave Switch driver stock then the driver creates a child device for switch-2 during installation process and it will appear in the same room as the Hub.

If your devices automatically migrated from a DTH to the driver edge, then I don’t know how the migration handles the child device from the DTH to edge, I don’t know if it should be removed, as the driver will create a new one.
It’s an exam question!
May be @nayelyz could help in this


Ticket ID: 260468
Ticket: [SmartThings Community] [Devices & Integrations] All my fibaro double switches stopped working as doubles and start acting as singles


If the default smartthings driver has created a main and child then you don’t have to install a different driver unless you need any features that are not available in the default one.

The child does not have a driver to install as is is using whatever the parent does.

You have to subscribe to developer’s drivers channel and driver in order for you be able to use it.

Please read the information @JDRoberts posted.


Hi, @Guy_Katz
Just to confirm, you’re already getting help from the FIBARO team, right?

Thanks for the tag, @Mariano_Colmenarejo

I had the same issue with my Fibaro switches (fgs-223). In the end I installed and use the driver from Daniele_Ratti.
I changed the driver on the main switch 1 to this driver, deleted the switch 2 child. Then in the settings for switch one selected "this has two switches) option. It then created a new child for switch 2 which seems to be working. so far.

I am using my Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver for more than a year and it works perfectly


@nayelyz @Mariano_Colmenarejo @byteguy @JDRoberts
I have subscribed to 2 channels with what seems like a solution.
I have tried both.
currently i am with the MC one because it is a drop in replacement so nothing had to be changed.
seems like this fixed most issues. I noticed some inconsistencies but maybe it takes some time fo rhte hub to sync everything so I will report here if it continues.
thanks for the help

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