Sudden shutoff of all devices controlled by harmony hub


I am experiencing sudden, simultaneous shutoff of all devices that my harmony hub controls - the tv, soundbar, dvd, (all Sony ) and set top cable box. I control the hub with an amazon echo and IFTTT. Any ideas?


Are any of these devices set up as “always on”? (Many people do that with the set-top box, particularly if it controls the DVR.)

If any of them are set up as “always on” but they’re all turning off, then contact Logitech Harmony support.

If none of them are always on, then turning off an activity will turn off all of the devices. So you just have to start some detective work to see what activity is being used.

If you go to your IFTTT account, you can see when each recipe last ran. So try to find the one that ran at the time that everything went off.

If you have recently added any activities and/or virtual switches, then you want to look at those.

In particular, if you are using any momentary switches rather than binary switches, a momentary switch always goes on, then off and that can cause issues if everything isn’t set up just right.

If you have any “all lights” actions either through echo or smart things Check to make sure that you didn’t accidentally include a harmony activity switch in that group.

You can also look at the “recently” on the thing detail screen in the smart things mobile app for each virtual switch associated with a harmony activity and I think for the harmony hub itself to see what events have occurred.

In fact, as I think about it, I would probably start with the log for the harmony hub first to see if you can identify the turn off event.


I am significantly less knowledgeable than you. Would I access the hub log via the harmony app on my tablet ?


Sorry, I was just referring to the simple device logs in the smart things mobile app.

One) open the mobile app to the rooms page (the icon with four little squares at the bottom of the page).

  1. choose THINGS

  2. tap on the name of the device you want to check (not the icons to the left or right of it) to see its details page

  3. then tap on RECENTLY at the top of the details page to see recent events for that specific device