All devices showing generic icon (1 February 2023)

I guess im not alone but all my tile icons are showing the generic 4 square icon

be patient… they will return. a glitch in the matrix (cloud) while Neo battles the agents.



Damn Sentinels again !


Happening to me as well. I use an iOS app. What is weird is that if I force close the app some of the icons return. Also, if I try and edit to change icon back, it shows the correct icon is selected even if it is not displaying.

Anyone a member of the Beta group? ST is suppose to start rolling out Beta 46.9 today to that group. If yes, check the firmware for your hub. If not, just report the issue to ST support and be patient.

Note: not saying Beta 46.9 is causing the issue.

Contact support !!!

I think most people using this particular forum JKP no better than that

Mine are back anyway, i electrified the Hub cover and all the Sentinels got fried.

Had the same issue - back now???

I am, but 46.9 isn’t for my hub yet since I’m a v2 hub. I’m having this issue now with icons.

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Yup, same issue on my iPad. Not on my iPhone though :man_shrugging:

Both iPhone and Samsung tablet. Seems better last hour.

No issues this hour.

Still have them and they still rotate on a 1/ 2/3 basis, changing each time I open the app.

Issue is now present on my iPhone too.

I have 46.9 and have correct icons.

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