All Devices "missing" since latest app update

Android app updated to 2 days ago. All of my devices are missing when i open the app. Existing routines in the app have the empty spaces as if the devices were removed.
However, in the previous version of the app, on my wife’s phone, all devices are still there.
They’re mostly there when i look at the website, but in the advanced section most of the menu options just sit spinning.
I’ve tried a reinstall of the latest app on my phone. Is there something else i can get to get everything showing again?

does your wife’s phone have the newer version or older one (provided you both use the same phone OS)? When she logs in to and goes to Advanced Users… does it load for her?

Hers is same OS (Android 13). Smartthings app v1.8.01.22
Advanced Web site section does not load on her device either. Only the basic page does.

App page shows devices

Any ad!malware blockers or pihole (in regards to Advanced web app not loading)?

No. Its the same on multiple wifi networks and mobile data. Neither of us have adblockers installed.
The devices disappeared immediately after the latest app version update, so told the wife to avoid updating it.