ALL devices listed as OFFLINE

Anyone have this issue? Almost EVERY device is listed as OFFLINE, but the devices seem to be working. I am only having an intermittent issue with rules not working properly. I can manually operate the devices that are listed as OFFLINE.


Your hub is offline, not devices

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Disagree. The devices ARE working, just listed as OFFLINE.

You said you can operate them manually. By that I assume you mean physically walking up to a switch and operating it by hand.

Smart switches, dimmers, etc do not need to be online in order to be operated by hand, they just need to have power. Online/offline indicates if they do or do not have a data connection.

For SmartThings, the app (and the IDE) only works thru the cloud so for the app to show that a device is online the device would need to be connector to the hub and the hub would need to be connected to the cloud.

Check if your hub is CONNECTED.

Manually using dashboard. Hub is fine. Its a Groovy issue.

The migration started last night for zwave switch. It appears the hub goes offline for about 30-45 minutes to do this.