Devices offline and slow routines

Is anyone else having problems with devices being offline and routines running extremely slow? For the past week 3 of my switches have been offline and any routine I run takes about 30 seconds for some devices to respond to it.

Checking smartthings’ status website it sound like several users had this problem about a week ago (the same time when my issues started), but it is now marked as “resolved” on the website.

I haven’t noticed any issues with any of my devices or routines. Maybe it’s a regional issue?

All of my devices went offline this afternoon. Rebooted hub and some briefly came back then all went offline again.

I had this for 2 weeks straight after Christmas. All of my Zwave devices (30) would go offline regularly and when they were online the pistons commands would take 20 sec to 5 minutes!
I had a long conversation with tech support but they basically couldn’t find anything wrong so resetting the hub was going to be the answer :frowning:
I have so many devices/pistons/custom DTH’s etc. that I could not bring myself to do this without taking holidays to do it. I came back one day after being out of town, resigned to my fate, and all my devices were working and timely. It is back to working perfectly for over a week so the God’s have smiled on me.